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From Joyce


We left on Friday, half past five, like school kids on a trip.
Arrived in Skipton, half past ten, set for an early kip.
Our rooms were fine, though varied in design, it must be said.
While Anne got three nice sofas, Joyce’s bath was near the bed.
Next day at breakfast, we revealed our weaknesses and strengths.
Sheena and Mary shamed us all by swimming forty lengths,
While Drew the driver ate so much that no one could compete.
Most took the sober option – figs, and prunes, and shredded wheat.
A walk along the towpath suited many people’s needs,
Though Jenny turned the wrong way, ending up half way to Leeds.
‘Twas market day in Skipton; lots of bargains to be found.
Our Peter got emergency black shoes for fifteen pounds.
There were lovely stores, and coffee shops, a castle to be viewed,
But none of us was ready for the cloudburst that ensued.
At the bus stop, three old ladies huddled under drenching skies
Till Drew the driver saved them from a watery demise.

Ilkley town looked lovely, though not easy for a bus,
And there we learned a lesson that was true for all of us.
If you wish to be remembered for a concert that’s a winner,
Don’t try to sing ‘Air Falalalo’ after a hefty dinner.
Back in the bar, a round of drinks restored our sense of fun,
While Moira and Kirsty did impressions of a chicken run.
Next day, the church in Skipton proved a high and handsome place
That let our voices resonate and soar around the space.
The friendly KVU put on a splendid spread for us.
Fine salads, quiche, and cakes, and bags of extras for the bus.
The concert in the afternoon showed singing at its best.
The numbers from the KVU were very well expressed.
And as for us, we showed the whole of Yorkshire we could sing.
As our beloved leader said, “That’s much more like the thing!”

On our first tour to foreign parts we had a great weekend.
We laughed a lot, and knew each other better by the end.
If anything was worrying, or proved a little tricky,
We only had to pick the brains of Colin, Bill or Vicky.
So thanks to them for organising the experiment,
And thanks to Mark for leading us in such a great event.


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